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April 28 – 30, 2016 in Klaipėda, Lithuania

The content

The Olympiad will consist of forth parts:


Part I – Musical test

Listening to music and theoretical questions related to the piece. In addition to other expectations, Lithuanian composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis could be included in Listening to Music part.


Part II – Sight singing/playing, Rhythm

Singing/playing (on their own instrument) a simple melody; clapping a rhythm exercise.


Part III – Performing a song.

The participant will perform one song (by individual choice) in a public concert. The song must be performed from memory, either unaccompanied or with accompaniment by acoustic instruments in suitable key for him/her. 

We recommend performing a song written by a composer of the participant’s country and in the participant’s native language

A song composed by the competitor is not allowed to perform here (in case it will be performed also in the part IV). 


Part IV – Original composition.

The participant will perform an original piece of max. 3 minutes, prepared beforehand. 

The original composition can be composed for the voice, or for acoustic or electro-acoustic instruments, or for audiovisual and multimedia performance.

The original composition can be a song for solo voice or vocal ensemble, (unaccompanied or with accompaniment), a piece for an instrument or instruments, or a composition using electro-acoustic, audiovisual or multimedia performance.

Other singers and instrumentalists can be used for the performance.

The composed music must be the original production of the participant (pre-existing lyrics may be used).

The original piece of music will be performed live in a public concert or, in case of compositions for multimedia, from a pre-recorded source. 

Parts III and IV for the 1st group of contestants (performing a song and original piece) are public presentations (concerts). The performances will be recorded for study purposes and photographs will be taken.


In registration each participant must add: 
A score of the original composition.

A short description of the song in written form and a short description of the original composition in written form.