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April 28 – 30, 2016 in Klaipėda, Lithuania


1. In recognition of the growing significance of music in the field of culture and in general education of young people, and with the aim of enhancing the development of international contacts in the field of school education in music, an international music Olympiad will be organized for lower and upper secondary school students. The Olympiad will be called The 3rd International Music Olympiad Klaipėda 2016 (further Olympiad) and is a competition among individuals.

2. The Olympiad for students of general comprehensive secondary schools will be organized by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science, the Lithuanian Music Teachers’ Association, Klaipėda University and the European Association for Music in Schools.

3. The aims of the Olympiad: 

·   To strengthen the position of music education as a creative subject in national curricula; 

·   To create motivation and offer musically talented young people opportunities for artistic self-expression at international level; 

·   To widen opportunities for composing music (participants can use vocal and acoustic musical instruments as well as various electro-acoustical instruments and audio-visual multimedia); 

·   To develop musical literacy as a prerequisite for creative activities. 

4. The Olympiad will be held in Klaipėda University (K. Donelaičio 4 , Klaipėda, Lithuania) from April 28 to April 30, 2016 for participants of two age groups: 

·   Group I - aged 12-15;

·   Group II - aged 16-19. 

5. The contestants will be students of general lower and upper secondary Schools. They can study at the same time in music school. 3 competitors from each country can take part in both age groups. 

6. The deadline of registration of participants for the Olympiad is March 30, 2016. Participation fee is 50 EUR per one particiant. Participation fee must be paid until April 2, 2016.


Lietuvos Muzikos Mokytojų Asociacija

IBAN: LT067300010002305153




7. All participants will be provided with free accommodation (3 nights) and meals. The participants must cover the travelling costs. 

8. Each country can send one accompanying person, which will be provided with free accommodation (3 nights) and meals. Accompanying person does not have to pay the participation fee. Any other accompanying people must cover all the travelling and accommodation costs themselves.

9. The language used at the Olympiad will be English. Written tasks (assignments) for both groups will be provided in the native language of the contestant.

10. The results of the Olympiad will be assessed by an international jury of 6 members in each age group. The results will be presented in the form of protocols. 

11. The Olympiad will consist of four parts: Music listening and theory related tasks, Sight singing/playing and Rhythm, Performing a song, Performing original compositions. More info about content of the Olympiad.

12. In registration each participant must add: a short description of the song in written form, a score and a short description of the original composition in written form. 

13. Participants will be awarded with medals and diplomas in gold, silver or bronze according to the number of points scored. The best performer of a song, the best composer of original compositions and the best contestant with the highest score in the listening tasks will be awarded with special prizes. 

14. The jury is entitled to award additional prizes in case of extraordinary achievement in some field of the Olympiad.